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This company was designed to function as the computer department of your company by being on call to answer questions, get advice, and manage your computer systems.

Hardware Division


Whether you are needing to purchase new equipment or repair older components, The Computer Department, Inc staff has the experience and training to provide expert consulting on the design and purchase of new equipment or if needed, to repair the components that need replacing to keep your company running at full computing power.


The design and service of a computer network is essential to keep your company running smoothly as well as protect your digital assets from viruses, hackers, and backed up in case of a disaster from those or mother nature damages your physical assets managing the digital assets. Get the correct design to maximize your bandwidth inside and outside of your local area network as well as the products needed to protect them.

Fresh Ideas Always

The hardware techs at The Computer Department, Inc keep up on the latest technologies and can provide information that you need concerning them and how to best manage your systems as well as your budget. Not every solution requires the latest and most expensive technology. Maximizing your profits and controlling your expenses is done best with getting the correct information.

Software Division

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Design is the first step in everything that you do. Without a good design, plans can start to get messed up very quickly. If you need a simple website designed for your business or a massive database program written to manage information with reports to tell you want all that information means, The Computer Department, Inc staff has experience with both ends of the spectrum and most everything in between. Setting your business up with the correct tools or even creating custom tools is what they do best.

Data Management

Data management is probably the most important aspect of your business. From managing your inventory, orders, time, customers, and finances, data is always coming in that you need to report to your self, your boss, and even the IRS. By managing that data into off-the-self software or building a custom application for your specific data management needs, The Computer Department, Inc has been involved in many types of data management solutions. Manufacturing, membership, financial, and even employee benefit management has been done by them.

Support For All

With the joint support of the hardware division of the company, you can be sure that you will not have to fight your different technologies to keep you up and running. Together we will always annalyse the situation from software and hardware to come up with the solution and talk to the vendors who supply the technology to get the service done quickly and correctly. Don't ever hear the words "it's hardware's problem" or even "it's software's problem". With The Computer Department, Inc it is OUR problem and we will solve it.

Our Services

Below are just some of the support services that we provide small businesses



With professionals on both sides of a problem, consulting on hardware and software together will provide you with the best solutions available to you within your budget requirements. Don't go blindly forward into technology without consulting people that have made technology an every day thing.

New Solutions

If your budget can handle new solutions, they can provide them to you. Ordering the correct system for your business and setting it up is one of the primary services they provide. If creating a custom solution in hardware or software is needed, they can also provide advice or create it for you locally.



As business can change quickly, sometimes it is best to repair a problem than try and pay to replace it. In these situations they can repair hardware to get failing systems working again or create software tools to continue using other software that might not be exactly what you need at the time. If there is a problem, there is always a variety of solutions to solve them

Internet Presence

More and more businesses need to have a presence on the Internet in order for customers to find them. Odds are you are searching the Internet right now looking for a computer company to help you with your needs. Without our Internet presence, odds are very slim that you would have found us or been able to get the correct information to know that we have what you need. Let us help you design and get your web page or even storefront up and running on the world market.


Excellent Support

At The Computer Department, Inc we have 24/7 phone support. While our office is not open 24/7 our phone system is. Help could be needed at any time of the day including weekends and holidays and our help is only a phone call away. If a support staff doesn't answer, then leave a message because we will return your call that day if needed.

Excellent Products

The Computer Department, Inc is trained in MS products and are part of the Microsoft Partner Program so that if we can't answer the question, you have access to those who will know that answers. With connections to other products for businesses, they will always be able to provide the right solution for you including custom solutions.

Office Worker

With The Computer Department, Inc as your tech support, you will always be working effeciently!

Office Workers

"Custom software allows you to streamline your processes to make data entry faster and more producting."

Our Awesome Team

Following are the people that currently working at The Computer Department, Inc supporting local and national clients.

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Ed & Rose Russell


Ed and Rose founded the company back in 1993 and handle phone support as well as office support and billing

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Robert A Rodgers

Director of Software Development

Robert is a graduate of the University of Illinois - Springfield (formerly Sangamon State University) in 1993 and started with the company in 1994.

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Tim Russell

Web Programmer and Designer

Tim started with the company in 2001 and is the primary developer of web sites.

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Aaron Russell

Networking, OS, Hardware Tech

Aaron started with the company in 2004 and provides support dealing with network, OS, or hardware issues.

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