History of The Computer Department, Inc

History of The Computer Department, Inc

Back in 1993, there were three partners that started The Computer Department, Inc. Their first office was in Rochester, Illinois, just outside of Springfield, Illinois in the Rochester Station Center. After a successful first year they started to expand by hiring Rose Russell as office manager and then Robert Rodgers as a new programmer to help the software partner with new projects coming in.

Most of their advertising came from word-of-mouth as current clients would talk about how great the experience was working with The Computer Department, Inc. The software side of the business expanded to writing software for companies like Pillsbury, Sonoco, and government agencies like Illinois Historical Preservation Agency and Springfield Tourism Board.

The hardware side of the buiness also expanded their reach out of Sangamon County to work with clients in several of the surrounding areas servicing small towns and companies that were lacking in computer support companies and needed services that would fit within their budgets.

In 1997 the software division worked with children's cancer research hospitals in the NW to computerize the treatment plans for their patients. After working on the project for a few years, they were unable to get the funding from private organizations or government grants to continue with the project. During that time working on that special project we had several programmers and support staff working on the project that had to let go with the end of that project.

But over the next several years another product would become the project that would last for over 22 years and counting. Deposit and Loan System was first designed with the local dioceses and then over the next years more and more heard about the program and continued to on the design for handle more and more of their needs which solved more and more of their needs.

Over the years other companies called on The Computer Department, Inc to write other custom applications for networks and online. The Family Video Club (now Highland Ventures, LTD) had a web application made so that they could provide an online portal for their employees across the eastern half of the US to get on and apply for their employee benefits which cut down the need to send large packets of information to each new employee and shuffle applications through HR to insurance companies. Now the application are filled out online and uploaded to the correct insurance companies with no more than the need of a postcard.

Other organizations had custom applications that were created and were no longer being serviced by the original programmer. They called The Computer Department, Inc to find out that whey were not completely lost for support and were able to either get minor changes made or have additional programming done to add to the abilities without the need for a completely new application.

The Computer Department, Inc continues to be a family owned and ran business with the second generation working for the company. As we continue to more forward in life with our clients, we hope to keep these wonderful relationship going through their families as well. And over time we will grow more in our business and families.

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